About us

Our Mission

Baitussalam believes that the root cause of growing poverty, unprecedented challenges and decline of Muslims around the world despite having blessed with abundance of natural, human and technological resources is negligence and deviation from the purpose and way of life prescribed by the Almighty creator Allah SWT through Quran and Sunnah. Muslim Ummah around the world needs to learn and transform all systems including education, trade and commerce, business, social justice, governance etc in compliance with Islamic teachings.

Baitussalam mission is to mobilize the Muslim philanthropist to facilitate the transformation of marginalized and impoverished Muslims around the world through initiating social discourse and by promoting value-based services particularly in the fields of education, human and community development, social welfare, and humanitarian services.

Our Story

Baitussalam welfare trust (BWT) in Karachi, Pakistan is a non-profit relief and development organization that is dedicated to alleviating human suffering and supporting the destitute in their efforts to become more self-sufficient.

Our Values

Through all its interventions, Baitussalam promotes Islamic Values including, solely seeking pleasure of Allah SWT ((رٖضا الہی, higher purpose (مقصد), brotherhood ((اخوت, Selflessness (ایثار), Sincerity (اخلاص), self-sacrifice (التضحیۃ بالنفس), Service (خدمت), Volunteering (رضاکاری), Compassion (رحمت) , Justice (عدل ), and preservation of every human life, rights, self-respect and dignity (ہر فرد کی جان،حقوق، عزتِ نفس اور وقار کا تحفظ).

Baitussalam’s operations exemplifies the Islamic values of transparency(شفافیت) , Honesty (دیانت), Custodianship (امانت), accountability (جوابدہی ( and compliance with Shariah and laws of the land ۔(شرعی احکامات اور قوانین کی پاسداری)

The services are provided to deserving and needy, belonging to any religion, caste or creed.

Chairman’s Message

Maulana Abdul Sattar حفظ اللہ

Serving the humanity and alleviating their sufferings is an obligation on the Muslims, as well as our national identity. Allhamdullilah, since its creation in 2010, Baitussalam Welfare Trust is extending its efforts by supporting the deprived and underprivileged in the fields of both welfare and education, and thus has touched the lives of over 100 million people. These traits express the belief and define the culture of the organization and serve as a means of enlightenment of our hearts and achieving spiritual contentment.

We cannot educate the poor and eradicate poverty all by ourselves; it is an collective effort that necessitates the nation’s contribution. Together we can inspire and enable other humanitarians to respond rapidly to disasters and injustice around the world, fight poverty through our Islamic values and make a positive change for the entire Muslim Ummah.

Thematic areas

The Trust serves in the fields of Education, Publications, Healthcare, Sports, Community Sustainable Development, Shelter, Safe Water Supply, Food Security, Non-food Essential Items, Transport, Event Management, Skill Development, Livestock, Agriculture, Livelihood, Recycling and Waste Management, Environment Conservation and Energy along with other Welfare, Relief and Charitable causes. It also provides specialised services to Muslims around the world including Aqiqa Qurbani, Iftari Programs in Ramadan, Waqf Qurbani during Eid-ul-Adha, Burial Services, Construction and rehabilitation of mosques and Muslim schools.

Currently, Baitussalam’s operations are spread across Pakistan as well as in Syria, Turkey and Bangladesh through our international partners.

Our History

Founded in December 2010, Baitussalam Welfare Trust came into being after the devastating floods in Sindh and Punjab rendered thousands homeless. Hadhrat Maulana Abdus Sattar (DB) and like-minded humanitarians from varying professional and social backgrounds, came together to lend a helping hand. Maulana Abdul Sattar envisions a world of peace, compassion, and justice where the needy and helpless achieve a fulfilled life. Together with working in all parts of Pakistan, we have also provided humanitarian help to Rohingya and Syrian refugees.



Projects local & international


Basic education centers


Beneficiaries of meat distribution


Monthly meals distributed


Students enrolled in Jamia Baitussalam


Scholarships granted


Bamboo houses for Rohingya refugees


Widows & Children supported in Syria


Publication & media viewerships


Worth of medicines supplied


Clothes shared


Patients treated